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A Photo of Judy Denziloe

My name is Judy Denziloe.

For over thirty years I have been working in the field of play and leisure for disabled people of all ages.

I believe that disabled people have the right to access a wide range of interesting and enjoyable play and leisure activities that are appropriate to their needs, abilities and interests. If you agree with that, you may have found the right website!

I provide training for groups of parents, carers, volunteers and staff to help them to consider the importance of play and leisure in their lives and some of the challenges we may face when we are trying to offer the same opportunities to disabled people, particularly those with profound multiple disabilities and complex needs.

But it's not all talking and listening on my training courses! An important part of every training course is a practical session, looking at and handling a wide range of materials. It might be a session looking at equipment for inclusive settings, a practical sensory storytelling activity, or even a workshop where you can make simple sensory materials to take home.

I have a van full of general market toys, homemade play and leisure equipment and sensory materials and I travel all over the UK, sharing ideas and information with people from a variety of settings - parents, informal carers, childminders, respite care, childrens hospices, early years, education, youth services, health, residential care, services for older people with dementia, and the voluntary sector.

Please explore my website, and contact me if you are interested in my work.